Hybridity with Chase Rhys

The first episode of our new season is out right now! Chase Rhys chats to Vasti Calitz about their collection Misfit – Stories vannie anne kant. A lot of the stories in this collection are about being an outsider, about not quite belonging to any particular space, about identity intersections, about being more than one thing at once.  In other words, hybrid identities. And of course we’ve invited a friend from the community, Ann-Maree Tippoo, to give us some book recommendations that play with these in-between spaces, including Mother to Mother by Sindiwa Magona, She Would Be King by Wayetu Moore, and She Down There by Francois Lytton Burger. Vasti recommends A Hibiscus Coast by Nick Mulgrew and Mermaid Fillet by Mia Arderne. Catch the episode on Apple or Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Listen Now: Hybridity with Chase Rhys

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