Public Apologies with Melanie Judge

With the lack of equity, reparation and justice experienced by the majority of South Africans since the end of Apartheid, there is a sense in the present moment of what we might call an ‘apology fatigue’. In Unsettling Apologies, Melanie Judge and Dee Smythe have put together a collection of critical writings on public apology that explores the promise of and disappointments of public apologies, by politicians, by corporates, in the legal system, and more. In this episode, Vasti talks to Melanie Judge about this thought-provoking book, and Lyle Lackay and Vasti recommend books about apology, non-apologies, and lingering injustice.

Lyle recommends The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela by Sisonke Msimang and Our Ghosts were Once People, edited by Bongani Kona, and Vasti recommends How to Be a Revolutionary by CA Davids.

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