Afterland is a sharply feminist, high-stakes thriller, set in a future where most of the men are dead following a global epidemic. A brilliantly blend of psychological suspense, American noir, and science fiction into an adventure all its own. Perfect for our times.

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In a future where most of the men are dead, Cole and her twelve-year-old son Miles are on the run from the most dangerous person she knows … her sister.

Miles is one of the lucky survivors of a global pandemic. But, in a world of women, that also makes him a hot commodity.

The Department of Men wants to lock him away in quarantine, forever, maybe.

A sinister cult of neon nuns wants to claim him for its own; the answer to their prayers.

And boy traffickers are close on their heels, thanks to Billie, Cole’s ruthless sister, whom Cole thought she left for dead.

In a desperate chase across a radically changed America, Cole will do whatever it takes to get Miles to safety. Because she’s all he’s got.

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