Against Racial Capitalism


This carefully curated collection brings Neville Alexander’s incredible body of work to an international audience for the first time. It features a comprehensive introduction, a timeline of key events in the life of Alexander, selected articles, speeches, op-eds, book chapters, and a bibliography of his writings.

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Against Racial Capitalism

As a revolutionary public intellectual, activist, and former political prisoner, Neville Alexander is among the most important theorists of racial capitalism to emerge during the struggle against apartheid. Alexander’s writings engage with some of the important debates in South Africa from the last 50 years, many of which have international resonance today. An opponent of the neoliberal trajectory embarked upon by the post-apartheid establishment in the 1990s, Alexander was always reflective and humble but never wavered from his own self-description: a non-dogmatic Marxist, pan-Africanist, and internationalist.

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