Bitterkomix 19



In their signature satirical style, Conrad Botes (Konradski) and Anton Kannemeyer (Joe Dog) return with a new issue of Bitterkomix, the cult comic started in 1992 when the duo were studying at Stellenbosch University.

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Bitterkomix 19

Whether you lean left or right, there are no sacred cows or tropes for equal opportunity offenders Botes and Kannemeyer. Bitterkomix 19 holds a mirror up to who we are as a society, our hypocrisy, our double standards, our wilful ignorance, and our avoidance at all costs of grappling with who we have become.

With contributions from Breyten Breytenbach, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Ina van Zyl, and Gerrit Olivier, Kannemeyer and Botes get into the guts of cancel culture, racism, sexism, satire, art, privilege, and abuse. Dark, funny, and uncomfortable, Bitterkomix 19 is a powerhouse.

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