Black Wolf


The page-turning, heart-pumping sequel to Red Queen, Juan Gómez-Jurado’s Black Wolf moves from Madrid to the Costa del Sol in pursuit of a brutal killer . . .

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Black Wolf

Antonia Scott is the lynchpin of the Red Queen project, created to work behind the scenes to solve the most dark, devious and dangerous crimes.

In southern Spain, on the Costa del Sol, a key mafia figure is found brutally murdered in his villa. His pregnant wife, Lola Moreno, barely escapes an attempt to kill her and is on the run. An unusual shipping container arrives from Saint Petersburg with the bodies of nine women inside it.

Now Antonia, with the help of her protector, Jon Gutiérrez, must track down the missing Lola. But they aren’t the only ones – a dangerous hitman, known as the Black Wolf, is also on her trail. And Antonia Scott, still plagued by her personal demons, must outwit, outmanoeuver and ultimately face this terrible, mysterious killer.

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