Black Women Always


Film Auteur and Chief Creative Officer, Kevin Morosky, invites the women he considers his most trusted advisors, closest friends, and biggest inspirations to explore how their impact shapes culture and nourishes society. Through a series of conversations which consider the themes of resilience, patience, autonomy, focus, identity, communication, Kevin shares how their collective teachings and support has helped shape his own life and creative path.

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Black Women Always

Drawing upon his own experiences in the creative industry across advertising, photography, film and art, Kevin invites you to find your own identity, empowering you to bring 100% of yourself into the room – not just the 30% that’s deemed ‘palatable’ by those already in it. Centering the Black women who always support him, Kevin and his friends, family and mentors reflect on what it takes to authentically achieve your creative freedom. This book is about really admiring and reveling in the magic Black women always bring to the table, a magic that benefits us all.

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