Katrina Hunt is a journalist with a secret. From her early days growing up in the poverty of a trailer park, she has been able to detect the sour notes of corruption in others. And she’s never wrong. It affects her friendships, her dating, her sex life. She turns her talent to the work of sniffing out the unprincipled and the amoral in positions of privilege and power.

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On the far side of the world, a morally ambiguous scientist working in the unfolding field of genetic profiling has cracked an algorithm that will forever change law-enforcement. His new ‘scan’ will be able to detect a person’s genetic propensity for wrongdoing, even before they act. The legal and ethical ramifications are staggering. But what if the most corrupt man in the world, a political figure assuming ever higher-office, was able to beat the scan? What if he could hide his true darkness? What if he was not quite human? Could Katrina sniff him out? And if she did, how might she stop him?

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