Duma Says: Let’s Live!


Join Duma, his sister Zinhle and brother Wandile, as they find ways to help their community deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. They sew masks, build an open-air school and come up with games they can play while still keeping safe and healthy.


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Duma Says: Let’s Live!

The three-part book series details the adventures of Duma and his family living in an unnamed informal settlement in South Africa during this COVID-19 pandemic. The books are unique in that they are an attempt to tell the story of the pandemic through the eyes of children living in tough circumstances.

Author and illustrator Nathi Ngubane says: I wanted to do two things with the book. First, I wanted it to be a resource for children living in tough conditions – like in cramped homes or communities without proper sanitation and electricity – and secondly, I wanted children living in well-off homes to get an idea of what the other side looked like, too.

“It’s a tough time for everyone, but some have it immensely harder than others. And it’s important to have that perspective. This is what representation means.”

“But I wanted to make sure that the books were bright and friendly and colorful. I wanted everyone who read the books to feel empowered. That it was possible to be safe and inventive. I didn’t want to add more fear.”