Ember Shadows and the Lost Desert of Time


Having taken down the Fate-Weaver and freed the future, Ember thought things in Everspring would be easier. But not everyone is happy. People don’t know how to live their lives without the Fate Cards telling them what to do. Then, Ember discovers something terrible on Mount Never. Someone has been cutting people’s Fate Threads.

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Ember Shadows and the Lost Desert of Time

Convinced it’s her fault and determined to do something to stop the Thread-Cutter, Ember heads off to look for clues with Hans, eventually discovering that her only chance at preventing the Thread-Cutter from harming anyone is to go back in time to stop them.

But to do that, Ember and Hans will have to travel through new and mysterious magical landscapes in search of the realm that controls time… but it’s called the┬áLost┬áDesert of Time for a reason.

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