Fable House: Heart of Fire


Fablehouse is a children’s home like no other. Heather and her friends who live here have magic at their fingertips. The children have a powerful friend in Pal, an Arthurian knight who teaches them to harness the powers they find within themselves. But not everyone the children meet is on their side.

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Fable House: Heart of Fire

Fablehouse is threatened by an inspector who is searching for a reason to close down this safe haven for mixed-race children. The kids and their devoted carer Miss Isolde vow to save their home, but Pal is distracted. He cannot rest until he’s completed the quest given to him by King Arthur centuries ago.

Can magic help the residents of Fablehouse fulfil their destiny, or will it leave them more isolated than ever? Heather can conjure up fire, but is scared that she will never learn to control its force. Fire can destroy – but can Heather also use it its warmth and protection to save her friends and their home?

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