Flora Stormer and the Golden Lotus


Flora Stormer sets off to discover a magical flower hidden deep in the rainforest – and ends up finding… herself! A brand-new series combining the magic and adventure of Jumanji with a message celebrating difference and self-acceptance.

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Flora Stormer and the Golden Lotus

Flora Stormer, a talented young artist with Tourette’s Syndrome, is helping her father prepare for an expedition to search for the legendary golden lotus – a plant with magical healing properties. But when her dad falls ill, Flora bravely sets sail in his place, hoping the mythical plant might save him. Equipped with her paints and a magical map, Flora treks through the rainforest, encountering dangerous animals and poisonous plants along the way. But the greatest threat she faces is from a greedy collector determined get his hands on the flower first. Can Flora and her new friends stop him from stealing the golden lotus and cursing the rainforest forever?

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