Global Africa



This book of essays written over the last three post-apartheid
decades uniquely provides profiles of 104 pan-African figures,
mostly from the 1.4 billion-strong African population and its
estimated 250 million-strong diaspora in the Americas, Europe
and the Caribbean. It thus provides a concise profile of the most
important figures of Africa and its diaspora.

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Global Africa

The profiles also include global Western figures engaging with
African issues, assessed from an African perspective. The essays
cover, in a multi-disciplinary manner, diverse historical and
political figures, technocrats, activists, writers, public intellectuals,
musical and film artists, and sporting figures. They acknowledge
the continuing legacies and impacts of the twin scourges of
slavery and colonialism, but also seek to capture the zeitgeist of
the post-apartheid era. The book argues that the culmination of
Africa’s liberation struggles was mirrored by similar battles in the
Caribbean as well as the American civil rights movement, with all
three involving citizens of global Africa.

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