Granta 167


From freemining in the Forest of Dean to the policies underpinning the Green transition, the history of energy in Israel to the repressed desires behind boredom, the spring issue of Granta examines a practice as old as human history: Extraction.

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Granta 167

With reportage from James Pogue and Anjan Sundaram, and pieces from Thea Riofrancos, Laleh Khalili, Nuar Alsadir among others, the non-fiction in this issue moves across time and place to uncover the confrontations that break out in the face of extraction.

Fiction follows a similar theme, and the issue also includes a new story from Camilla Grudova, featuring a clinic where patients learn to physically expel their unrequited desires, as well as stories by Rachel Kushner, Benjamin Kunkel, Carlos Fonseca, Christian Lorentzen and Eka Kurniawan.

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