How to Hide Inside a Three


It’s 2017 in Cape Town. The dams are empty. There’s a gangster in charge of the country. Leigh-Anne may look like she’s keeping it together in her Southern suburbs world, but really she’s unravelling. A letter has arrived from her ageing dad, asking forgiveness for some unknown sordid deed. What on earth is that about?

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How to Hide Inside a Three

Inexplicably, one of her kids is wetting the bed while the other one’s turning into a little tyrant. Her batty best friend continues to offload her crises – the latest is a paternity test for Gwendal’s troubled teenage daughter.  Meanwhile, Leigh-Anne’s supposed to be organising a play about sexual abuse with grade sevens in Gugulethu. It’s not going very well.

How is a woman supposed to cope? With chocolate and wine, of course, and by making plenty of lists (things feel much more manageable when you write them down in threes). But all is not what it seems. Leigh-Anne has a secret of her own. In her quest for answers, she will have to betray everyone she loves; only then can she truly come out of hiding.

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