I Write the Yawning Void


I Write the Yawning Void is a collection of essays that highlight Sindiwe Magona’s engagement with writing that span the transition from apartheid to the post-apartheid period and addresses themes such as HIV/Aids, language and culture, home and belonging.

Her written work is often informed by her lived experience of being a black woman resisting subjugation and poverty.

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I Write the Yawning Void

These essays bring to life many facets of Magona’s personal history as well as her deepest convictions, her love for her country and despair at the problems that continue to plague it, and her belief in her ability to activate change. They demonstrate Magona’s engaging storytelling and mastery of the essay form which serve as meaningful supplements to her fictional works, while simultaneously offering direct and insightful responses to the conditions that inspired them.

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