Introducing Hibirism: A Guide to Black Cultural Nuance



Introducing Hibirism: A Guide to Black Cultural Nuance, unravels the intricacies of black culture across the class spectrum.

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Introducing Hibirism: A Guide to Black Cultural Nuance

Hibirism ● (noun): Derived from the social greeting ‘hibiri’, made famous by the South African song Sister Bethina (a hit by musician Mgarimbe in 2006), Hibirism adds depth and meaning to the salutation and signifier ‘hibiri’. The goal is to explain some of the underlying reasons behind our actions and uncover profound insights within the experiences of black life. Ultimately, Hibirism transforms an empty signifier into a noun, referring to a specific philosophy or set of ideas that elevate social situations and challenge existing norms.

This book contains humorous anecdotes, thought-provoking ideas, witty banter, and profound observations on black life, showcasing Hibirism at play. The book also shows how Hibirism can be used as a tool for creative problem-solving as it probes deeper into conventions to unearth insights like no other framework.

Among many captivating topics, they embark on a quest to discover the perfect vetkoek (igwinya), draw parallels between the arrangement of atoms and four-four masihlalisane (a seating arrangement in local taxis), offer a deep dive into the Amapiano movement, and even share the tale of Bobby, a beloved township dog known to survive on nothing but a diet of pap and H2O.

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