Meetings with Moths


Green Longhorns, Pimpinel Pugs and Peacock Moths – these are just some of the striking species that catch ecologist Katty Baird’s attention. Roaming Scotland in all manner of weather, she climbs down abandoned mines and ventures behind waterfalls in search of these misunderstood and maligned creatures.

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Meetings with Moths

In Meetings with Moths ecologist Katty Baird roams Scotland seeking out, documenting and observing moths. Green Longhorns, Pimpinel Pugs and Peacock Moths are just some of the species that catch her attention as she climbs into holes, ventures behind waterfalls and wanders forests with her boundless curiosity.

But you needn’t travel far and wide to see beautiful moths. Katty shows that you can easily enjoy discovering moths and caterpillars without specialist knowledge by creating your own light trap or simply looking more closely at your immediate landscape.

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