Modern Cape Malay Cooking


In  Modern Cape Malay Cooking,  Cariema shares the recipes and influences that have inspired these modern dishes, with simple ingredients and vibrant aromatics for anyone who is curious and courageous enough to create flavour.


Modern Cape Malay Cooking

The love language of the Cape Malays is food, and author Cariema Isaacs says tramakasie (thank you) every day that she gets to express herself in this way.
Modern Cape Malay Cooking,  Cariema’s fourth cookbook, is a celebration of food and feasting, providing a contemporary view of Cape Malay cuisine and simple home cooking. The recipes showcase a blend of flavours that redefine the Cape Malay palate through modern ingredients and global influences. Though traditional Cape Malay cuisine and recipes have stood the test of time, adaptations have given rise to a culinary fusion. This is especially thanks to the Cape Malay millennial generation that craves popular dishes from the East and West, such as a comforting pasta or a quick stir-fry, but with a Cape Malay twist – this means it must be spicy, it must be saucy and it must be packed with flavour!

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