Part of a Team


A heart-warming story that celebrates family, friendship and working together. The book is also available in isiXhosa and Afrikaans.

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Part of a Team

Morena loves his new school! There are so many fun extramural activities and games to play that he and his friends have set up their own championship. Before school starts and at break Morena and his friends plays marbles, cards, soccer and shoot hoops. After school they take the soccer online or jump into go-karts. Morena is determined to get all the points!

But it isn’t just sports that he excels at, he can come up with a rap song on the spot and has a hilarious idea for an assignment that involves bringing your favourite traditional food to school. He can’t wait to see the teacher’s reaction after the whole class experiences the effects of eating samp and beans!

If there’s one thing Morena takes seriously it is being the captain of his school’s softball team. He is good at pitching and his twin sister Rorisang is an excellent batter. But their team keeps losing! Morena isn’t scared of a challenge, he’ll try his best at any game to be a superstar. How can he help his team to do their best?

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