Samoosas and Sundays


Life is usually a toss-up, but life for Ameera is about as tossed up as it gets. 22-year-old Ameera hails from the affluent suburb of Laudium in Pretoria. She has a dream of finding a career in New York, despite it not being the norm in the small-minded society that she lives in. As a young Indian woman with fertile ovaries, aunties continuously bombard her with questions about when she’s going to get married.

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Samoosas and Sundays

She doesn’t tell them that she’s not interested in marriage because Indian aunties are terrifying. When she least expects it, she meets Adnaan, a CEO who makes her swoon. His perfect teeth and charm make her fall for him. Life, however, isn’t a Bollywood movie, because soon enough Ameera finds out about Adnaan’s dark past… Ameera has a decision to make – to be like every other Indian girl she grew up with and marry in her small hometown or to rendezvous to New York against her parent’s wishes. As she struggles with this, she meets another handsome guy with even more charm and a royal title.

She’s stuck, feeling like an overstuffed samoosa, and hopes that she’ll get it all – the guy that she loves and the dream of waking up every morning in NYC.

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