Winner of the 2020 Dinaane Debut Fiction Award
Shortlisted for the Sunday Times/CNA Literary Award for Fiction

This was the reason that she had burst into his room, then. It wasn’t just a walk that she wanted to enjoy. She wanted to discuss the implications of the so-called Immorality Act, to infect him with the panic she seemed eager to carry. Well, at least he had enjoyed a morning walk with her, a walk that she had asked for, even if her intention were clearly far from pure.

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South Africa, 1927: In this journey, someone will get lost, someone will give up and turn back, and someone may go all the way to the end. All of these people will try to tell you the story of what happened. Abram, a South African winemaker, will tell you that things went wrong when his wife stopped loving him, when his children couldn’t be citizens of their country of birth, and his country tried to put him in prison, steal his vote and his estate. He will also tell you that in a twist of irony, his treason came about because he loved his wife and children.