She That Lay Silent-Like Upon Our Shore


A creature from another world had collided with ours – a reckonin she might properwise be knowt, a great reckonin had washed upon our shores, and I ran twort it.

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She That Lay Silent-Like Upon Our Shore

On a remote island in the northern seas an unnamed boy is exiled from his community and cast into the Wastelands. In his struggle to survive he breaks away from the strictures of his upbringing and aligns himself with the beauty and brutality of the natural world. The Leviathan, a colossal beast that strands itself upon the shore, is the embodiment of everything the boy has yearned for and he vows to protect it with his life. The community’s religious leader, the Prelate, proclaims the creature to be the devil incarnate, triggering a physical and philosophical battle that will propel life on the island towards a bloody and inevitable end.

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