Skin We Are In



“Children are born with the innate ability to want to live, learn and adapt,” Sindiwe says. “If anyone can learn to look beyond small differences, to appreciate variety and value people for who they really are, it’s them.”

The book is also available in isiXhosa and Afrikaans. Please contact us to inquire about availability.

A much-needed book about race and skin colour for children ~ Woman Zone Cape Town

This book should be compulsory in all schools in South Africa ~ Sara-Jayne King

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Skin We Are In

When we meet someone, one of the things we notice is the colour of their skin. But what can someone’s skin colour tell us about them? Despite what some people say, your skin means very little! Inside we’re all the same.

Join Njabulo, Aisha, Tim, Chris and Roshni as they discover why humans have different skins, and how people’s thinking about skin colour has changed throughout history.

Also available in isiXhosa and Afrikaans. Contact us to inquire about availability.

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