Snow Fall


When true crime fanatic Astri Arctander disappears, Detective William Wisting is called upon to investigate.

Alongside her fellow amateur sleuths, Astri had been trying to uncover what really happened to Ruby Thompson, a backpacker whose body was recently discovered in Palamós, Spain.

Astri was ready to unmask Ruby’s killer. Then she vanished.

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Snow Fall

Wisting is determined to solve the case – to find justice for Ruby, and to bring Astri home unharmed.

But he soon finds himself at the heart of a dark and twisted cat-and-mouse chase, that will take him from the snowy depths of Norway to the hot Catalan hills.

Wisting is willing to go to extreme lengths to find the truth.

But his enemy will go further to keep it buried – and the closer Wisting gets, the more dangerous they become . . .

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