The Eternal Ones


The Eternal Ones is the final thrilling installment of the New York Times bestselling epic fantasy seriesĀ  The Gilded Ones, in which a young heroine fights against a world that would dare tame her. Set in an ancient West African-inspired world and perfect for fans of Children of Blood and Bone and Black Panther.

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The Eternal Ones

Deka is a goddess-in-waiting with the potential to save her people from the brutal ancient goddesses who terrorize her kingdom of Otera. But first she must find her celestial essence – and if the Gilded Ones find it before she does, they will drain her power and tear Otera apart.

Alongside her army of friends, Deka faces the hardest battle of her life – not just with the goddesses but with her own doubts. What if becoming a goddess makes her as evil as the Gilded Ones? And is she ready to leave her earthly life and loves behind?

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