The Immortal Games


Every Lunar Eclipse signifies the beginning of the Immortal Games: An epic set of games played by the Gods of Olympus, with randomly-selected humans as their Tokens. The stakes are high for the Gods who covet entertainment and glory above all else. For the Tokens, it’s about survival.

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The Immortal Games

17-year-old Ara seeks revenge. Revenge on the Gods for allowing her older sister to die in the Games. And now she is consumed with one ambition only – to find a weapon powerful enough to kill a God. But when Ara is plucked from the clutches of death by Hades, God of the Underworld, she realises that she has become a Token herself in the brutal games. Coached by the only God who has never won the games, the odds are stacked against her. Hades is the outcast of the Gods, who selects a Token who is already about to die to give them a second chance at life. But he soon realises that Ara does not fear death, just as she does not fear him. And when a wager offers Hades unimaginable power should his Token win, the games take on a new meaning. As the Games progress, Hades teaches Ara the value of life and living. Ara – still grieving the loss of her sister – teaches Hades compassion. And with Tokens slowly succumbing to the quests, Ara must put aside her rage if she is to survive!

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