The Last Jukebox Heroes


The Last Jukebox Heroes is a character-driven literary novel infused with music that explores human connections, the influence people have on those around them and the power the past has on the present. It’s a story of choices and the flawed nature of humans.

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The Last Jukebox Heroes

Chris Coltrane is a successful businessman, and an alcoholic whose life has collided – sometimes disastrously – with many people. A failed intervention by his company’s board led Chris to storm off and find solace in Dimitri T’s, a neat but struggling little cocktail bar in the Cape Town suburb of Oaksworth.

Julie Ross, the owner of Dimitri T’s, is doing her damnedest to crawl out from under her father’s problematic legacy. She gambles her last hope on a Christmas lunch special and happy hour trying to rake in some money before the rent becomes due in a week, and she is left without a business.
Through the soundtrack of songs played on the jukebox, the intertwined backstories of Julie and six of her broken bar room heroes are revealed before the night ends unexpectedly, changing their lives forever.

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