Threads that Bind


Io is the youngest of three sisters, descended from the Fates. She can see threads: shimmering silver lines connecting every person. When a new relationship is formed, a new thread appears. When a person’s life-thread is cut, it’s their time to die. Io uses her gifts as a private investigator, trying to make ends meet in a world which treats other-born people like her with suspicion and prejudice.

Then Io is witness to a murder – but this is no ordinary murder. Io can see that the killer’s life-thread is severed. They should be long dead.

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Threads that Bind

More complicated still, there is another witness: Edei, a member of the violent Rossi mob who rule Alante. And what Io can see immediately, although Edei cannot, is that there is a bright silver fate-thread connecting them. This boy is her destiny.

Io and Edei are thrown together to solve the case, and as Io grapples with the dark secrets lurking beneath Alante’s surface, she must decide whether to embrace her fate and give in to the feelings growing between herself and Edei – or whether to cut the thread, and set him free…

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