Tiger: Karavan Stories 2023


“Tiger is the result of the inaugural Karavan Stories Workshop & Anthology project. The theme was inspired by a news story that dominated the headlines early in 2023: an eight-year-old tigress named Sheba escaped from a private farm in Gauteng and in the following days attacked a man and killed a few domestic animals before she was shot by officials.” ~ Karina Szczurek

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Tiger: Karavan Stories 2023

“Touched by Sheba’s story, we chose her kind to inspire Tiger. Contributors could work with the theme in any way they wished, either reimagine it, see it as a springboard or a metaphor, or let their imaginations run wild. The stories which emerged interpret ‘tiger’ as the unknown, untamed or foreign in our lives – what we fear and what we long for, sometimes simultaneously.” ~ Karina Szczurek

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