Unbreakable: My Journey Into Pride


It’s one thing being a Black woman in a foreign country, it’s another being a queer woman in an unaccepting society. For Limpho Seeiso, it’s been just a delicate tale of her life. One she has decided to share with the rest of the world in a captivating memoir narrating the course of her life story.

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Unbreakable: My Journey Into Pride

Unbreakable is the memoir of a black lesbian woman from Lesotho, living in South Africa. Limpho’s journey is full of frustrations and will invoke shock in the reader at how dysfunctional the system really is for homosexuals. The memoir narrates her navigating life and making it work despite all the adversities. Through everything else, Limpho stayed strong, even in situations that were meant to break her. She chose her truth, both as a mother and as a wife.

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