Unstoppable Us 2: Why the World Isn’t Fair



In Unstoppable Us: Volume 1, we learned how humans told stories to become rulers of the world – for good and bad. Now, in this next chapter of the incredible true tale of the Unstoppables, find out how we learned to control animals like dogs, chicken and cows… And how a handful of humans learned to control everyone else.

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Unstoppable Us 2: Why the World Isn't Fair

Humans may have taken over the world, but what happened next? How did our hunter-gatherer ancestors become village farmers? Why were kingdoms and laws established? How did we go from being the rulers of Earth to the rulers of each other? And why isn’t the world fair?

The answer to all of that is one of the strangest tales you’ll ever hear. And it’s a true story!

From cultivating land and sharing resources to building pyramids and paying taxes, prepare to discover how humans established civilization, endured the consequences for it, and created history-changing inventions along the way.

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