What’s Wrong with June?


New year. Same everything. Or not? Maybe 2022 is the year that June Cupido reinvents herself.

June wants more. And on the eve of the new year, when the radio DJ encourages listeners to make the most of it, June feels like he’s talking to her, and she decides to make a vision board — magazine cutouts, silver glitter and all. Will June embrace a new adventure?

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What's Wrong with June?

June’s husband, Achmat, is always working or gaming or Netflixing. Her mother-in-law Ma Asa is usually out with all the other aunties. And her twenty-three-year-old daughter, Salamah, is a daddy’s girl who wants to trade her long dark hair for a pink pixie cut (anything so that she doesn’t look like her mother). June’s main source of fun? Scrolling the Insta feed of her friend Carla. June has worked hard for her family and the comfortable life they have, but she is starting to feel like the dull accountant trope she never thought she’d be. She is safe and comfortable and bored.

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