Who Really Killed Chris Hani?


This book is a most explosive account of the real masterminds behind the murder of Chris Hani on 10 April 1993. South Africa’s first non-racial president, President Nelson Mandela, eulogised Hani’s role in the birth of the new South Africa, thundering that ‘the enemies of change demonised Chris to the end, helping to create the climate in which our nation was robbed of one of its giants …’

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Who Really Killed Chris Hani?

Mandela spoke of how that fateful day of Hani’s brutal murder was indelibly etched on the hearts of all freedom-loving people, and how no-one would be satisfied ‘until the truth about his death is known’. Retired judge, Chris Nicholson, meticulously challenges the bizarre narrative that a mad right-wing Pole with pale blue, staring eyes, Janusz Waluś, acting in concert with a white supremacist with a handlebar moustache, Clive Derby-Lewis, committed the murder, without outside assistance.

With fanatical zeal Nicholson investigates the ‘enemies of change’, who contributed to his murder. His foes in the intelligence world are probed, including the sinister South African Institute for Maritime Research, as are the captains of industry, with their vast accumulated wealth, who feared his commitment to the socialist aims of the Freedom Charter. Finally, the spotlight is ruthlessly shone on Hani’s rivals and enemies within the ANC.

Particularly fascinating is Nicholson’s exploration of the historical precedents of other heroes who were murdered for fighting the plundering of the corporates, and for trying to redistribute Africa’s wealth to its people. In an amazing set of revelations, the author explores the deaths, over three decades, of Patrice Lumumba in September 1961; Dag Hammarskjöld on 18 September 1961; Olof Palme on 28 February 1986; Bernt Carlsson on 21 December 1988 and, finally, Anton Lubowski on 12 September 1989.

Although these killings occurred over a 30-year period, Nicholson shows, in true judicial fashion, how the motives and patterns of behaviour of the perpetrators of those murders materially assist in locating the true accomplices in Hani’s murder. Only a writer of the most courageous talent could have crafted this enthralling account.

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