Will You Care If I Die?


Will You Care If I Die? is a disarmingly direct memoir about social class, race, friendship and unexpected love, and a blazingly topical exploration of social polarization and the rise of the far right.

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Will You Care If I Die?

In Sweden, where children murder children and where gun violence is the worst in Europe, Nicolas Lunabba’s job as a social organizer with Malmö’s underclass requires firm boundaries and emotional detachment. But all that changes when he meets Elijah – an unruly teenage boy of mixed heritage whose perilous future reminds Nicolas of his own troubled and violent past.

Allowing Elijah into his home and then into his heart, Nicolas crosses one of his own red lines. With the odds stacked against them, and completely unprepared for the journey he and Elijah now set off on together, can Nicolas keep Elijah safe from harm and steer him towards a better future?

Written as a letter to Elijah, Will You Care If I Die? tells Nicolas and Elijah’s story – and asks us to reimagine what it means to care for one another in an uncaring world.

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